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Lines of Force and Formations

Lines of Force and Formations 2018 /2020

A series of wooden reliefs and their prints called Lines of Force and Formations also sides with the idea that all the data on forms exist woven and written within us, and that  we are the ones who release them in accordance with our inner intuition and needs, and at a chosen moment.

The name Lines of Force and Formations  is derived from the observation of grouping of particles exposed to a magnetic field, as well as from the grouping of living organisms in nature.

Much like Shapes and Spheres found their foothold in viruses, Forces and Formations found their starting point in the assembling of particles and organisms such as fish, beetles, swarms and flocks, and in the synchronicity of their movement.

Geometry of nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Similarly, the number of possible combinations and variations on a theme (grouping, framing, oversizing, zooming, tracing paper, multiplication…), which is the current subject of my research, is vast and boundless.