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Open Studio

The online space OPEN STUDIO is designed like any physical creative space of an author who from time to time invites the audience to visit him.

Following the principle of Homo faber as the primary work philosophy, the idea of the Open Studio provides insight into the results of previous work, research, and experiments, as well as insight into excursions into new methods and procedures, technologies, crafts, and skills… while also presenting interesting content by fellow guest authors.

Homo faber, both in its literal and figurative sense, represents an individual who creates, as well as a skillful individual capable of handling various tools to enhance her life and environment, making them better in the process…

In addition to traditional art materials and ways of expression, I am extremely interested in other technologies, in the space where science and art meet, in ecology, crafts, recycling, as well as experimenting with different media. Using photo and video content of short format, it is my intention to present my, as well as works of fellow artists, by providing insight into the creative processes and methods, starting with researching a particular topic, all the way to its final realization…