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Sveti Ivan Zelina 1946.


Vilko Žiljak (1946) is emeritus University of Zagreb, permanently elected professor.

In 2008 he was awarded the life achievement award: State Prize for Science 2010, Ministry of Science and Education; Golden kuna 2008. Vilko Žiljak is Regular Member of Croatian Academy of Engineering. He got his degree as experimental physics graduated engineer, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Zagreb.

He got his doctor’s degree in 1981 with the College of Electrical Engineering and acquired the title «doctor of technical sciences in the field of computer sciences».

He has won 80 gold medals around the world for innovation in the field of infrared technology. In Croatia he is a pioneer in three scientific branches that basically rely on computer sciences: firstly in mathematical modeling and simulation, secondly in computer graphics and typography and thirdly in visual research with the help of a computer.

During the past forty years he has been invited by many contemporary art galleries worldwide to exhibit his computer graphics. He is chief editor of the journal “Polytechnic and Design”.