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Sphere – Metal

Concept — Geometry of Nature

While developing spatial objects during the Shape/Sphere 2017-2021 project, a series of metal objects was created.

These are spatial constructions made of wire or metal rods that emulate structures extant in nature, belonging to the world of viruses.


Small dimension spheres made of silver wire.

Φ13 cm, Φ 14 cm, Φ15 cm

SPHERE – 2021.

A spatial construction was assembled as an object made of steel rods 140 cm in diameter, which motivated me to learn how to weld…

Consisting of tetrahedra and welded together, this mesh-construction retains breathability and partial transparency, with a secret hidden in the center – in the core, which, due to the density of layers surrounding it, cannot be visually reached by the observer.

The object’s radial expansion captures the space, but is also penetrated by it, which is best reflected in the shadows recorded in the photographs accompanying the process of production.

Color and patina respect the type of material, i.e., iron that would eventually oxidize and develop a rusty red color…