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Shape – Sphere

Shape – Sphere 2017/20

Fragile spatial constructions, assembled from natural material and painted with natural colors emulate the structures extant in nature and belonging to the world of viruses.

The experience I acquired through working with frequency generator and sand on a metal plate (as a part of the Tesla—Mind from the Future project in 2017) prompted me to explore the hidden world of forms, that exists, but which we are not fully aware of until we translate it into another, more noticeable, medium.

The pieces that are created this way reveal the order and organization inherent to the world of nature. We encounter this order every time we look into the depths of the “geometry of nature”, often called “sacred geometry”.

Shapes — Spheres

Fragile spatial constructions, made from a natural material (bast) and painted with natural dyes (turmeric, beetroot..) emulate the structures extant in nature and belonging to the world of viruses.

Knowing that the structure of my objects resembles the structure of the hepatitis B virus, a mosaic virus, as well as many others, has only further corroborated the research and the hunch about how all forms are already pre-inscribed within us. This means that it’s just a matter when and how we are to release them and set them free, transposing them into another medium.

There’s no other way around it, since, supposing that we are an integral part of the existing world, we reason with respect to that world, while also drawing the existing structures and processes out to the surface.

The story of shapes and structures, starting with the idea of technological imitation of life forms developed by American architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller (Dymaxion), and including the theory that defines the form as the economization of space and resistance, is based on a series of simple geometric shapes – geometric primitives (tetrahedron, octahedron, sphere). By replicating them and clustering them together, nature spontaneously builds stable and solid structures.