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Frequencies in the Grass

I developed my artistic approach and procedure by working on a piece for which I used a frequency generator.

In this art piece, I generate grass seeds on circular or square boards.

Using higher frequencies and different surfaces results in complex shapes and concentric circles of seeds, which is then covered with soil and grown under artificial light for growing plants.

Artificial lighting is used to establish control over the process, and the grass sprouts in 7-8 days.

“Grass growing in the shape of specific frequencies is irresistibly reminiscent of the natural phenomenon of crop circles and possesses a certain sanctity of the creative act we recognize in Zen Gardens and in the symmetry of identity in Buddhism.

In its simplicity, the primary level of creation in an artistic act emphasizes all the complexity of the mystery of life as a creative space.

Using frequencies, which we are a part of, and which are a part of ourselves, to rethink the mystical role of the artist as a demiurge (creator) or medium (transmitter) of messages long recorded in the relationship of applied mathematics and Sacred Geometry, is what this project is based on.

The question of whether we are made up of electromagnetic waves, radio waves, sound waves or light, is important in the context of the mystery of our existence.

The question of origin in the context of an artistic act raises the question of the artistic Idea and its projection, as well as the question of the existence of a work of art before artistic intention.”

(Draženka Jalšić –Ernečić, senior curator)