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What is Your Frequency?

What is Your Frequency?

Dealing with the phenomenon of N. Tesla, one of his quotes caught my attention: “If you want to unravel the mysteries of the universe, think about energy, frequencies and vibrations.”

This idea permeates the project that addresses a symbolic question: What is Your Frequency?

Everything around us, including ourselves, is energy and is made of waves of different lengths that vibrate at different frequencies.

Our brain is a translator and has the ability to translate frequencies into what we perceive with our senses as the physical reality.

Just as sound has its own frequency and wavelength, so does color have its own frequency and wavelength.

We cannot feel light with our ear any more than we can feel the sound with our eye, but technology helps us  translate different phenomena into other media and thus makes them visible.

For the experiment, I chose ancient Solfeggio frequencies, which were originally used in Gregorian corrals.

Each of them has its own color:

396 Hz red,

417 Hz orange,

528 Hz yellow,

639 Hz green,

41 Hz blue,

852 Hz indigo

Color frequencies are used as the creative force in the making of drawings.

With the help of a frequency generator, six works were “drawn” with painted sand on a black smoke background.

60 x 60 cm.

The pieces show the physical shape/graphism that the frequency of a particular color creates and are therefore “drawn” with sand of the appropriate color.

In the drawings that appear when sand is exposed to a certain frequency, the so-called secret geometry is revealed, a pattern of kaleidoscopic patterns that we are normally not able to see.

Even our thoughts have different vibrations.

Positive thoughts vibrate at a higher frequency, and  negative at a lower. That is why the key question that I want in a potential observer to ask herself is:  What is your frequency?

What is Your Frequency?