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The Flag

Graphic imprint of ambient organic installation is at the same time the name and description defining the work entitled The Flag.

The adventure with The Flag began in autumn 2016 in Jakovlje, when a group of artists gathered around temporary artistic interventions into the garden of the Castle of Adel Sixto. These interventions were organized by Alen Novoselec and named Garden as a creative space.

I had no idea then where all the inspiration drawn from nature and natural materials would branch out and how invested in it I would become.

I started collecting leaves in their rich autumnal colorfulness in the sculpture park that surrounds the castle.

Trees and shrubs were at the same time covered with red, brown, golden yellow and even green leaves.

While I was arranging the leaves during the winter, I decided to join them into a continuous sheet.

That is how the 4 meters long and 70 centimeters wide Flag came into existence.

As an experiment, the following spring I decided to hang the sheet between two birches in Jakovlje and take photos of it.

In the summer of 2017, I participated in an international art project in Vugrovac, where I exhibited the sheet naming it The Flag.

On a grass podium, hung between pillars, the autumn-colored flag waved for several days until the sun scorched the delicate natural colors of the leaves into a uniform brown, while the wind chipped away at the fragile and brittle dry sheet.

Having been taken down, it was in my workshop that the dilapidated flag embarked upon its last journey…

I sliced it into 13 sheets narrow enough to fit into a small graphic press and printed it.

Graphic imprint of ambient organic installation is my Flag’s last ride, or maybe it isn’t…

(The Flag is preserved in its original form both in photo and video)